2x03 Inventing the Girl

Original Air Date: 5 October 2009
: Moira Kirland
Director: Dwight H. Little


When a fashion model is murdered on the eve of her big breakthrough, the team are thrust into the cutthroat world of high fashion. Something Beckett might know a thing or two about...

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  • Julian Sands - TEDDY FARROW
  • Jeffery Pierce - WYATT MONROE
  • Matt Barr - TRAVIS MCBOYD
  • Shanna Collins - RINA
  • Torrey DeVitto - SIERRA GOODWIN
  • Jon Fleming - WILL JAMES
  • "We Swing" - JACONFETTI (Teaser)
  • "My Personal Moon" - MADISON PARK (Teddy Farrow show)
  • "In a Magazine" - ULTRAVIOLET SOUND (Photo shoot on roof)
  • "So Thankful" - MAHJONG & D'LAYNA (Photo shoot in club)
  • "Friends Forever More" - CHAD HANNAH (Martha on the couch)
  • "Heart Place" - LINDSEY KATT (Tag)
  • High School Musical was a ridiculously popular film released in 2006. It now has two sequels.
  • Zac Posen is a fashion designer.
  • Comp card is short for composite card. Models use these to get work.
  • Jenna's shoes are described as "Christian Louboutin pink satin pumps". When they're found, they do indeed have Louboutin's trademark red soles.

  • Castle trying to figure out who Rina is.
  • Esposito and Ryan enjoying the free champagne.
  • Esposito and Ryan figuring a few things out about Detective Beckett.
  • BECKETT: (looking at her 'new' wallpaper, which is an old photo of her modelling tennis clothes) How did you guys...?
    RYAN: We're detectives.
    ESPOSITO: Called your dad.
  • CASTLE: She was stabbed with the Washington Monument?
  • BECKETT: Nobody killed anyone in Showgirls...so I hear.
  • CASTLE: And when Jenna turns her back, Sierra stabs her in the back.
    BECKETT: With the statue of the Washington Monument she carries around in her purse.
  • BECKETT: Rina used to babysit Alexis, fellas, so as far as Big Rick here is concerned, she might as well be wearing a chastity belt.
    CASTLE: Thank you for that visual image, that's...and also, thanks for calling me 'Big Rick.'
  • TEDDY FARROW: ...Clothes are what separate us from animals.
    BECKETT: (coolly) Not always.
  • BECKETT: I wish I could feel a sense of victory.
  • BECKETT: I am the inspiration. I should be reading it before a reporter does.
    CASTLE: Why didn't you just say something?
    BECKETT: Why didn't you just give it to me?
    CASTLE: Why didn't you just ask?
    BECKETT: Why didn't it occur to you?
    CASTLE: You'll have it by tomorrow.
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  • Martha is auditioning for the lead in a Broadway play. Unfortunately, the part she's offered is the granny who dies at the end of the first act, but at least after some arguing she gets to die onstage.
  • Alexis had a babysitter named Rina who's now a model. They watched High School Musical over and over and over. Since the movie only came out in 2006, this would mean that Castle was still hiring babysitters for Alexis when she was as old as 13. (According to 1x01 though, this would have been before Martha moved in.)
  • Castle's getting pretty good at this cop thing -- when he picks up Jenna's shoes, he uses a pen through the heel straps to keep from touching them.
  • Esposito and Ryan figure something's up when Beckett knows what a comp card is. It turns out she did catalogue modelling for a summer when she was 17. They get that information by calling her dad some time before they show up at Farrow's show (and are helping themselves to the free champagne).
  • The first time they play the phone recording, it seems to go all the way from the proposition through to Jenna leaving and meeting her killer outside. But when Beckett plays the tape for Jenna's husband, there's a whole conversation on it that wasn't there the first time around.
  • If the body was found at night, how come it takes Beckett till morning to get to the scene?
  • When Beckett and Castle were getting out of the elevator, you can clearly see an etching of "NYPD 12th Precinct", but in the episode right before (2x02 "The Double Down"), there is no etching inside the elevator. The texture of the elevator doors also went from rough to smooth and returns back to rough in later episodes.
  • When the crew is listening to the recording for the first time, the clock on the wall clearly says that it's around 11:30. Beckett's wristwatch says that it's around 10:15. I doubt, seeing as both of them are part of the NYPD, that either of them would be that far off.
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