2x01 Deep in Death

Original Air Date: 21 September 2009
: Andrew Marlowe
Director: Rob Bowman


A body in a tree, a Cosmo shoot in the precinct, a poker game in Chinatown. Oh, and somehow Castle has to get Beckett to forgive him.

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ACT I (teaser)
The show starts out with Castle doing a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan. Meanwhile Beckett is being interviewed about Castle. She gets frustrated when the interviewer tells her that Castle said he was essential to solving some of their toughest crimes. She then goes to tell Montgomery that the deal to let Castle shadow her is off, but he insists that the mayor loves the publicity and she has to go through with it. While Beckett is getting some espresso out of the machine, Castle shows up to tell her that the photo shoot wasn't his idea and she replies saying she doesn't care anymore. Castle asks her what he did and she points out that he brought up a piece of her past that she doesn't want to go back to. As she attempts to go finish the interview, Esposito and Ryan inform her that a dead body has been found. The interviewer then asks if she can come along to witness Castle's crime solving in action. Before Beckett can say no, Montgomery says yes.

As they arrive at the scene of the crime Castle asks Beckett what he can do to make it up to her and she says he can leave her alone. He replies that he already tried that and then offers to buy her a pony. The detectives get closer to the tree and find Lanie in a cherrypicker investigating a dead body. Castle cracks a 'Raining Men' joke and Lanie asks why Castle is at the crime scene. Beckett responds that they are still mad at Castle. Castle is still trying to impress the reporter from Cosmo with his crime-solving skills and Beckett finally sends them both off with Lanie in the 'morguemobile'. During the trip to the morgue Castle tries talking to Lanie but she refuses. Beckett has told Lanie about Castle meddling in her mother's case, but not what he found out, which is that the other three victims were a former law student of Johanna's, a documents clerk and a lawyer for a non-profit. Before they can discuss it further, two masked men stop the van and steal the dead body, leaving Lanie and Castle shocked.

Lanie is checking Castle to make sure he's okay, then flicks his cheek with her finger. Castle starts throwing out crazy ideas as to what just happened in the van with the team when Beckett shows up saying the guys who killed the man could have left some evidence, to which Castle responds "boring". Castle continues spinning stories, but Beckett tells him that the interviewer is gone and that he should leave. Castle says the case just got good and then saves himself by saying he's a witness to the body snatching. Montgomery tells Beckett that Castle has a point and that he's staying. Beckett tells Castle he can stay if he leaves forever as soon as they're finished with the case. Castle agrees but says by the end of the case she'll want him to stay.

Castle and Beckett go to interview the dead man's wife, who is quite upset to find out that the body of her husband is missing. Castle tries to stand next to Beckett in the elevator when they leave, the way he used to, but she moves away.

Castle arrives home at night to be greeted by his daughter Alexis. Castle asks Alexis and his mother how they knew about the body-snatching and Alexis responds that Beckett called to tell them he was okay, which Castle takes as a very good sign. Alexis wants to go see Fame with her boyfriend Owen, to which Castle agrees reluctantly (they were supposed to see it together).

The next morning Castle and Beckett are in the interrogation room interviewing Max Haverstock, a friend of the dead man. Allen's wife had told them that Haverstock used to call her husband late at night and shout at him, but Haverstock was commiserating with him. They were both let go on the same day and Allen never found another job. He'd told his wife he was in Albuquerque, but the team can find no evidence of that. The phone rings and Beckett is told the dead stolen body has been found but when they arrive at the scene Lanie tells them that the masked men stole his all of his internal organs.

Castle, Beckett and Lanie are examining the neck of the body. Castle points out the not all the fingers showed on the bruising of the neck. Castle then cracks a joke about the killer keeping his pinkie in the air, like drinking tea. Back at the precinct, the team discuss the case more at the white board. Allen appears to have been in Mexico and they realise he must have been muling drugs. Lanie didn't find any prints on the body so Kate suggests they look inside the one glove found at the second scene to see if there are any fingerprints there. Lanie cuts the glove open while Castle makes CSI jokes. She does indeed find a print, which the detectives are able to match. They go to the home of the owner and find three men cutting open bags of coke taken from the body.

The group individually interview the guys from the house, who swear Allen was their mule, but they didn't do the murder. Beckett and Castle go talk with the guy who vouched for Allen. They learn some new information about a Russian gang and Castle volunteers to go in for them. Beckett tries to shoot him down on the offer but they end up doing it. Castle is then at a poker game with some of his fellow writers trying to scoop up some information as to where in Chinatown the floating poker game might be. Cannell tells Castle that he must be trying to impress his police detective and he should just buy her flowers, that these guys are really dangerous. But they give Castle the the information anyway.

Beckett, Esposito and Ryan send Castle out with a microphone and camera made to look like a button on his shirt, while they watch from a van parked nearby. Castle gets into the game.

Castle continues to narrate everything he's doing, even though he knows they can see and hear. He can't hear them, though. He ends up sitting down with the Russians and throws twenty grand on the table to get in their game. They start speaking in Russian and Beckett surprises Esposito and Ryan when she translates that they're going to take him for all his money. Then Castle changes the plan and starts antagonising the Russians by telling them he's writing a book about...well, basically the story of their drug mule, Allen. Castle wins and starts to leave, but the Russian who did the murder drags him into the kitchen at gunpoint. Beckett panics and quickly changes her clothes outside the van so she's only wearing her long cardigan and heels, and gets into the poker place by pretending to be a Russian *****. Seconds before Castle gets shot, Beckett steps in and disarms the Russian.

ACT VI (tag)
After everyone is locked up, Castle tries talking to Beckett. He says she's afraid she'll go down the rabbit hole again if she tries to find out what happened to her mother, but she doesn't have to do it alone this time. Beckett says she doesn't want to know, doesn't want to have to catch the killer and watch him plea bargain his way out of doing real time. She tells Castle that he wasn't investigating the case for her, but for him and he's too selfish to see it. The case is closed, now he has to honor their agreement and leave her alone.

Castle leaves, visibly sad. At home Alexis starts talking about how Owen was late for their movie date because he was playing video games and just kept making dumb excuses. She asks Castle why boys can't just apologize. Castle goes back to the station and tells Beckett that if they're not going to see each other again, she deserves to know that he was wrong and he's sorry. As he walks away Beckett finally relents and says 'See you tomorrow.'

Summary by Charmbracelet

  • Robert Gant - RON BIGBY
  • Dmitri Boudrine - ILYA
  • Elizabeth Ho - AMY SAUNDERS
  • David Bowe - MAX HAVERSTOCK
  • David Meunier - SASHA
  • Stefan Ionesco - SERGE
  • Jonathan T Floyd - LUTHER
  • Laurel Holloman - SANDY ALLEN
  • Stephen J. Cannell - HIMSELF
  • Michael Connelly - HIMSELF
  • "Can I Get Get Get" - JUNIOR SENIOR (Teaser, photoshoot)
  • "Highschool Hoodlums" - THE DATSUNS (drug bust sequence)
  • "River to Your Soul" - DJ DIMI (Chinatown, entering poker parlour)
  • "50-96" - CHARLES FEARING (Chinatown, poker game)
  • "My Fault, Your Mistake" - LEX LAND (tag, apology)
  • Asteroids was one of the original video games. According to IMDb, there is indeed a project called Asteroids, based on the video game, in development for release in 2012, but there are no details. There's also an actual asteroid that's supposed to hit the earth on 12 December, 2012. Coincidence? Perhaps not.
  • In the movie Turner and Hooch, Hooch was a dog. This reference comes up again in season 7, episode 8, "Kill Switch".
  • Molly Quinn is actually playing Belinda Cratchit in the new version of A Christmas Carol.
  • Ron Bigby alludes to John Allen as a 'new Willy Loman' which is a reference to the character of Willy Loman in Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller. Loman is a traveling salesman who believes in an 'American Dream' of easy success and wealth, but never achieves it.



  • Beckett as a Russian skank
  • Ryan and Esposito's bet.
  • The apology, at last.
2x01 Deep in Death - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • ESPOSITO: Hey, Beckett. How come you don't wear a uniform like that?
    BECKETT: Because I don't want to get paid in singles.

  • RYAN: Guy in a tree, Mom and Dad bickering. Seems like old times.
  • CASTLE: I could buy you a pony!
  • CASTLE: It's raining men!
  • BECKETT: How's it going up there?
    LANIE: I got tree branches poking my boobs, and a spotlight shining up my booty.
    ESPOSITO: It could be worse. You could be wearing a skirt.
    LANIE: When I come down, I'm gonna smack you.
    ESPOSITO: I'll be looking forward to that.
  • CASTLE: Ever consider becoming a mohel?
    LANIE: Keep talking, and I'll practice on you.
  • ESPOSITO: What are you going to do? Lip gloss 'em to death?
  • CASTLE: (staring at Beckett wearing her cardigan as a dress, and nothing else) Is it my imagination, or did you change?
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  • Cosmopolitan magazine is doing a spread on Castle for the launch of Heat Wave.
  • Johanna Beckett was a law professor. The other three victims were a former law student of hers, a documents clerk and a lawyer for a non-profit. Beckett knows this, but hasn't told anyone else. The conversation didn't go any further; she just walked away and they haven't seen each other since.
  • The ME might have buried it, or might have been incompetent. He died four years ago.
  • Beckett spent a summer in Kiev and can do a good Russian accent. When she's bored, she sometimes goes to the cafes in the Little Odessa district and pretends to be from Moscow.
  • Judging by Alexis' reaction, Castle hasn't done any writing since the last time he saw Beckett.
  • A mohel is a Jewish person trained to perform ritual circumcision.
  • Beckett says a 'semester' between junior and senior years, but since there's no such thing, she probably means a summer.
  • Lanie should not be doing the fingerprinting of the glove - CSI fingerprint techs do that, not MEs.
  • Ryan says Castle dropped half his yearly salary on the Russian's tables. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a detective's pay is around $58,000, $72,000 max. Ryan must be doing a hell of a lot of overtime.
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