1x07 Home is Where the Heart Stops

Original Air Date: 20 April 2009
: Will Beall
Director: Dean White


A series of jewel heists escalates to gruesome murder, and Beckett and Castle have to do some fancy red-carpet undercover work to unravel the case.

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  • Patrick Bauchau - CAINE POWELL
  • Caterina Scorsone - JOANNE DELGADO
  • Nick Chinlund - EVAN MITCHELL
  • Joseph C Phillips - MAYOR BOB
  • Katie Lowes - RACHEL MADDOX
  • Erik Van Wyck - PAUL REYNOLDS
  • Elizabeth Bennett - RUTH
  • Angela Oh - ANNE GREENE
  • Michael Papajohn - KARL NADIR
  • "Birds of a Feather" - THE ROSENBERGS (teaser)
  • "Wonderful Night" - FATBOY SLIM (party)
  • "No Escape" - CIVALIAS

  • One of the synonyms Ryan comes up with is Sleestak. That's the second time he's mentioned them. Obviously a big fan of Land of the Lost.
  • Also from the Ryan and Esposito synonym stand-off: Orc - a word from the works of J.R.R.Tolkien meaning 'monster/ogre/demon; Destro - refers to Laird James McCullen Destro the villain from the Hasbro toys G.I. Joe, Skeksi(s) - refers to the vulture-like creatures that act as the main villains in the fantasy film The Dark Crystal.
  • "The Glengarry leads" is a reference to David Mamet's play Glengarry Glen Ross. Mamet is also referenced in 1x10.
  • "Karma Chameleon" is a pop song from 1983 by the British group Culture Club.
  • Showgirls is a 1995 film about Las Vegas.



  • Castle and his daughter fencing while Martha plays old 'evil landlord' music from the silent film era.
  • The jinx
  • Beckett with the victim's daughter.
  • All the synonyms for 'perp'.
  • Beckett teaching Castle to shoot. Sort of.
  • Beckett's dress dilemma.
  • Beckett and Castle dancing.
  • Castle being auctioned off.

1x07 Home is Where the Heart Stops - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • RYAN: Nice dress.
    ESPOSITO: What there is of it.
    BECKETT: I'd let you borrow it, Esposito, but you stretched the last one out.
  • ESPOSITO: Well, let's just say this one's definitely Beckett-flavored
  • CASTLE: How'd they know what was in the safes? Safes...is that a word? Saves? That can't be right.
    ESPOSITO: And you write for a living?
  • CASTLE: Meredith is more like a crazy aunt with a credit card.
  • BECKETT: Oh, so many layers to the Beckett onion, how ever will you peel them all?
  • ALEXIS: If anyone comes, we'll fight them off with swords. Or pens, since they are mightier.
  • BECKETT: The next time you show up at a crime scene without me, I show you how my Taser works.
    CASTLE: Promise?
  • BECKETT: Did you know they call you the white whale?
    CASTLE: The white whale? Not Moby--
    BECKETT: No!
  • CASTLE: Where's the dress?
    BECKETT: You didn't think I was going to interrogate him in it, did you?
    CASTLE: We were kind of hoping.
  • JOANNE: How do you get over it?
    BECKETT: You don't. But you find one day you wake up and don't mind carrying it around with you. At least, that's as far as I've come.


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  • Ryan is allergic to goosedown.
  • Kate reads the New York Review of Books.
  • Esposito was working robbery five years ago when he busted Mitchell. The mug shot indicates this was still at the 12th precinct.
  • Beckett does target practice to relieve stress, but it probably wasn't very effective this time.
  • Martha quotes Anais Nin...and Castle is well-read enough to recognise it.
  • Storm Rising has a jewel thief in it, heavily based on a real thief, whose cover Castle blew by thanking him in the acknowledgments.
  • Alexis can tie a bow tie better than her father.
  • Beckett's hair when she's all dressed up looks surprisingly like Martha's.
  • Martha was once nominated for a Tony.
  • Castle plays poker with Bob the Mayor.
  • The women on the social register call Castle the White Whale, because he's impossible to land.
  • Beckett does know how to dance, but isn't particularly good at it.
  • Castle donated a signed first edition of Storm Season to the auction. He (and the book) sell for $7,000, though we don't see to whom.
  • Castle somehow knows his own theme tune.
  • Alexis has a crush on a boy named Owen in her poetry class.
  • Castle introduces Beckett to the Mayor, and has apparently been telling him all about her, including that she's pretty.
  • When the team is writing all the charity events on the board to see which one all of the victims supported, Metropolitan American Dance Theater is already marked with a bullet point, before that they have figured out that it is the relevant charity.
  • When Beckett's filling out the affidavit for the court order, she should be using her full name (Katherine) instead of "Kate."
  • When Castle and Beckett get into the elevator, and Beckett is talking about the "Beckett onion," you can clearly see the reflection of a crew member in the elevator doors.
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