1x06 Always Buy Retail

Original Air Date: 13 April 2009
: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman
Director: Jamie Babbit


Things that start with voodoo never end well. And just to make matters worse, Castle's first ex-wife, Meredith, is back in town.

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1x06 Always Buy Retail - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki

  • Darby Stanchfield - MEREDITH
  • Nick Micheaux - MICHELLE
  • Aldis Hodge - AZI
  • Dohn Norwood - CHARLES ONI
  • Laura Simms - JILL BUTTON
  • Loren Lester - MR. SIMMONS
  • Robert Okumu - MUHKTA BAYLOR
  • Debbie Campbell - DIANA EDWARDS
  • "Nitro" - DICK DALE (Teaser)
  • "Make You Crazy" - BRETT DENNEN feat. FEMI KUTI (while Castle is writing after the shootout)
  • "1,2,3,4" - PLAIN WHITE T's (as Meredith leaves)


  • According to Jim is a half-hour sitcom on CBS (not sure why they didn't plug an ABC show, but there you are.)
  • SJP - Sarah Jessica Parker - is an actress, best known for playing Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.



  • Castle and Meredith getting, um, reacquainted.
  • Castle tricking Beckett into eating cow's foot soup.
  • Meredith meeting the gang.
  • "Kitten"
  • The 'writer' vest.
  • The shootout.
  • "Deep fried Twinkie".

1x06 Always Buy Retail - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • CASTLE: That would be a very special kind of hell. The hell of a deep-fried Twinkie.
  • BECKETT: Castle, crime scene, dead body. How about a little respect here?
    CASTLE: I don't think he can hear me.
  • BECKETT: How shallow are you?
    CASTLE: Very.
  • CASTLE: Ooh there's a lawyer joke there somewhere, I just can't think of it.
  • MARTHA (about Meredith): Why do you think she's moving back to New York? She can't even get arrested in LA.
    CASTLE: I wonder if she could get arrested in New York? I know people now.
  • MARTHA: Why did you marry her anyway?
    CASTLE: I don't know, Mother. Maybe she reminded me of you.
  • BECKETT: Are you having a breakdown?
    CASTLE: Not a breakdown, a break-through. I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I?
  • BECKETT: You don't need a vest.
    CASTLE: If you shoot me, do I not bleed?
  • CASTLE: It's very hard being a witness!
  • ALEXIS: It's hard enough raising one parent. I don't know what I'd do if I had to raise two.


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  • Among their top tens, Castle and Meredith list Paris, Hawaii, Yankee Stadium, 'that place in the Poconos', Mykonos, Coney Island, Staten Island, the hot air balloon, Westminster Dog Show, and the night they made Alexis.
  • Meredith is an actress. They got divorced because Meredith was having an affair with her director, moved to Malibu, and sent Castle the divorce papers unannounced.
  • Ryan knows something about voudoun because he 'reads too'. He also knows that this was the subject of Unholy Storm, Castle's 6th Derrick Storm novel, so that's probably where he got whatever knowledge he has. Castle's main source of info for the book was Michelle, a Nigerian-restaurant owner and Voodoo practitioner.
  • When Alexis was nine, Meredith dropped by to take Alexis to lunch...in Paris.
  • Esposito says 'the West side boys' called them about Darcy Cho's murder, so that would put their mythical 12th precinct somewhere on the East side of town. The murders took place around East 3rd Street.
  • One of Alexis' grandfathers died six years ago, probably Meredith's father since Castle doesn't know who his biological father is, and it's unlikely any of Martha's husbands would have been 'Grandad' to Alexis.
  • Her high school principle is named Mr. Simmonds.
  • Cho's roommate is Jill Button. Is this the girl Ryan starts dating?
  • Beckett's first apartment was three flights up, looking out on an airshaft over a chicken restaurant.
  • Meredith says she'd rather drop Alexis off at the precinct instead of 'shlepping all the way downtown', so that would indicate the precinct is somewhere above 14th St (and Castle's condo somewhere below). Of course none of that makes any sense at all if they're investigating murders that took place around East 3rd.
  • Castle seems, by this ep, to be well into the writing of his new book.
  • Martha took Castle along on a touring production of A Chorus Line when he was about 10 (he almost had to repeat 5th grade).
  • Martha clearly dislikes Meredith quite a lot and is even less enthused about her moving back to New York. According to Martha, Meredith hasn't had a role in months and hasn't done much beyond guest roles on sitcoms like According to Jim.
  • When asked why he married Meredith, Castle replies 'maybe she reminded me of you'.
  • This time, it's Meredith who provided the essential clue about the purse.
  • The doors on the elevator say 12th Precinct, here for the first time. Unfortunately, all the exterior shots here and after continue to be the frontage of the real 9th Precinct, with the name clearly visible.
  • Castle's ringtone for Alexis is her shouting 'Dad, dad, dad'.
  • Castle seems to have had some experience with yoga.
  • Castle's doorman is apparently named Eduardo.
  • Meredith uses Alexis' number to text Castle so he'll answer, but that wouldn't be possible unless she'd also nicked Alexis' phone.
  • Castle lives in the warehouse district and doesn't lock his front door?
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