1x03 - Hedge Fund Homeboys

Original Air Date: 23 March 2009
: David Grae
Director: Rob Bowman


What initially appears to be the drug-related shooting of a prep school senior quickly points to a conspiracy of some kind among his friends.

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  • Nolan Gerard Funk - BRANDON
  • Kunai Sharma - SPENCER
  • Jamie Chung - ROMY LEE
  • Creagen Dow - MAX HELLER
  • Drew Van Acker - DONNY
  • Steve Talley - KENT SCOVILLE
  • "Jezebel" - TWO HOURS TRAFFIC (teaser)
  • "Food Chain" - ERIC HUTCHINSON (tag)


  • The reference to Meryl Streep contrasts two phases of her career, serious (Sophie's Choice) and comical (Mamma Mia!).
  • Brandon says he kept the video because of 'what happened to those students at Duke'. He could be referring to the Lacrosse scandal of 2006, where three male students were falsely accused of raping a stripper at a party. (It seems a bit odd for a teenager to remember something that happened three years prior, but the only other candidate would be the 2008 murder of a Duke University graduate student, which was not tied to any scandal.)
  • 'Goodbye, Mr. Anderson' is a reference to The Matrix trilogy - the main character's original name is Thomas Anderson, and the villain says this to him several times.
  • Castle mentions Highlander regarding the apparent immortality of 70's fashion.



  • The ear-twirl.
  • Montgomery in the observation booth, explaining to Castle how Beckett works.
  • The thought process on Beckett's face when Castle suggests that one of the kids did it.
  • Castle's face when Brandon tells Beckett she's hot.

1x03 - Hedge Fund Homeboys - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki
  • CASTLE: You know, actually having to prove things is tedious.
  • CASTLE: Reading the paper? You're going to lose all your wired teen hyper nano gizmo street cred.
  • CASTLE: Wait, how did you know Julie's dad was back in rehab?
    ALEXIS: Dunno, must be a wired teen hyper nano thing.
  • Castle's phone rings. CASTLE: Ooh, I hear dead people.
  • CASTLE: The Vikings buried people in boats.
    BECKETT: That's your theory? Gun-toting Viking?
  • CASTLE: Did you know in the original Greek, "tragedy" means goat song? I know, doesn't make any sense to me either, but whatever that first story was, I can't help but think, bad things must have happened to that goat…
  • SCOVILLE: I want immunity.
    BECKETT: From what, the mumps?
  • CASTLE: Plus, and I know I'm new here, but aren't you supposed to arrest the right guy?
  • BECKETT: There's no such thing as a perfect crime, Castle.
    CASTLE: Not yet. But one day I'm going to write it.


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  • Redding Prep is a fictional private school on Park Avenue. York Prep, however, is real (and judging by the facade, may have been where they shot the scenes that are meant to be Redding).
  • Beckett doesn't know Redding Prep, but Castle does. He was kicked out of it at one point, along with most of the other private schools in Manhattan.
  • Martha is learning to be a Life Coach at the New School.
  • Ryan did a stint in Narcotics before joining Homicide.
  • Alexis has a friend named Julie Smith, whose dad is in rehab. She also has friends named Taylor, Kelsey, and Paige, who are going on a school trip to DC with her. The subway turnstile-jumping event occurred while she and Kelsey were on their way home from Taylor's house after the holiday formal. To date (Dec 09), we have not seen Taylor or Kelsey. Paige will finally appear in 2x07.
  • Castle's ringtone for Beckett is Bach's Toccata and Fugue in Dm (ogg file from Wikimedia)
  • Beckett went to public school.
  • Alexis goes to the drug assemblies at her private school.
  • Alexis gives Castle an idea (that her friends would fix it) that turns out to be right. Castle also figures out that there's a reason they recorded that night. Beckett, though, is the one who cracks the case -- she figures out that someone else put the bullets in the gun, and that the cell phones would sync. This is the first, but not the last, time that Alexis effectively gives the clue that solves the case.
  • Ryan is reading the Castle book with the black cover.
  • Montgomery is going to a Knicks basketball game with Castle and the Mayor.
  • Castle's screensaver says 'You Should Be Writing'.
  • Alexis says that she took the two subway train home from Kelsey's house - the two runs generally up and down the west side of Central Park, including in Tribeca, where Castle probably lives.
  • Minors cannot be interrogated by the police without an adult guardian present, so the interviews with Amanda and Brandon would not have taken place without their parents. Then again, 'exactly' wouldn't hold up as a confession in court either. (They are seniors in high school, so it is just barely possible that Amanda and Brandon are 18 and thus not minors. But it isn't very likely.)
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