1x02 - Nanny McDead

Original Air Date: 16 March 2009
: Barry Schindel
Director: John Terlesky


A young woman is found murdered in an apartment basement and her body stuffed into a dryer. Meanwhile, Castle uses his friendship with the mayor to wrangle a permanent ride-along with Beckett and her team.

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  • Jayne Brook - CLAUDIA PETERSON
  • George Newbern - HOWARD PETERSON
  • Michael Graziadei - BRENT JOHNSON
  • Melinda Page Hamilton - DIANA HARRIS
  • Jason Brooks - IAN HARRIS
  • "So What" - P!NK (teaser)
  • "Come on In" - TOMMY FIELDS (tag)

  • 'DeGeneres and de Rossi' is a reference to actors Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi (of Ally McBeal and Better Off Ted), who married in August 2008.
  • The View refers to a daytime chat show, also on ABC.
  • David Berkowitz, aka "Son of Sam", killed six people and wounded seven more on a two-year shooting spree in 1976-77. Although he's the only person ever convicted of the shootings, it's still uncertain whether or not he acted alone.
  • In 2007, a vicious message left by Alec Baldwin on his 11-year-old daughter's voicemail was released onto the internet.
  • Mr. Mom is a 1983 film, possibly the first about a stay-at-home dad.
  • One Life to Live is a daytime drama which was broadcast on ABC from 1968 to 2013. Nathan Fillion played Joey Buchanan on the show from 1994-97.
  • The episode's title, "Nanny McDead", is probably a reference to Nanny McPhee, a 2005 movie starring Emma Thompson.



  • Beckett talking Chloe down in the laundry room.
  • Castle tells his story about the guy in 8-B.
  • BECKETT: Exactly how much longer do I have to expect you to shadow me on cases like this?
    CASTLE: It’s hard to say. When I’m writing a new character it’s hard to tell when inspiration might strike.
    BECKETT: I thought I was your inspiration.
    CASTLE: Oh, you are, Detective, and in so many ways.
    BECKETT: Yeah, well, your inspiration might strike you sooner than you might think.
  • ALEXIS: You really are turning into a cop.
    CASTLE: Yeah? Do you think?

  • LANIE: The guy wore a condom...?
    (BECKETT gives her a blank look)
    CASTLE: Boy, it really has been a long time for you.
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  • Castle was raised by a series of 'alcoholic' nannies, most likely Martha's unemployed friends.
  • Castle got the plot of his first novel watching One Life to Live.
  • Alexis' mother was traveling doing community theatre when she was a toddler, so both custody and childcare fell to Castle.
  • This ep establishes that Kate can and does lie well enough to fool Castle.
  • Castle has been married twice, Kate never. She calls him an 'if at first you don't succeed' type and says she's 'one and done'. Castle asks if there were ever any serious candidates. Kate looks like she's about to answer yes, but then they're interrupted.
  • Kate tells Chloe she knows what it feels like to lose someone, which corroborates Castle's guess about her backstory in 1x01.
  • This is the first time we see Ryan toting one of Castle's books (which one?).
  • In 1x01 Castle said he looks through people's medicine cabinets; in this ep he does exactly that.
  • The music used here when Castle is writing is the same as will be used in 1x10 when he has to tell Beckett what really happened to her mother.
  • When Castle and Beckett are talking to Lanie over the corpse of the nanny, her eyes move when we first see her.
  • When Castle and Beckett go to talk to the family that the nanny worked for, Beckett flashes her badge upside down.
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