1x01 - Flowers For Your Grave

Original Air Date: 9 March 2009
: Andrew Marlowe
Director: Rob Bowman


Rick Castle, a mystery fiction writer starved for inspiration, is called in to consult on a case where the murderer appears to be staging scenes right out of his books. Not only is solving the case the most fun he's had in years, it also leads Castle to a brand new muse.

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  • Brian Avers - HARRISON TISDALE
  • Dan Castellaneta - JUDGE MARKWAY
  • Keir Dullea - JONATHAN TISDALE
  • Monet Mazur - GINA GRIFFIN
  • Stephen J. Cannell - HIMSELF
  • James Patterson - HIMSELF
  • "When I grow up" - THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS (Teaser)
  • "Stop and Stare" - ONE REPUBLIC (Tag)

  • Shark Week started in 1987 with a week of documentaries on sharks. It is still a yearly event on the Discovery Channel.
  • The Mousetrap is an Agatha Christie play which has been running continuously in London's West End since 1952.
  • Alex Cross is the main character in the books of James Patterson (who plays himself in the poker scene). Patterson says he would never have killed his character Alex Cross like Castle killed Storm in his book.
  • "I Cain't Say No" is a song from the musical Oklahoma! Martha sings it when Castle returns home after the interrogation.
  • Cooperstown, NY is where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located.



  • Castle holds a can of whipped cream upside down, and asks Alexis 'baby bird?' Then slides her down the hallway in her socks.
  • Castle's face, and his embarrassment, when he realises that he did indeed get Beckett's story right.
  • Beckett grabbing Castle's nose to get a straight answer.
  • Castle yelling, "Tell me you saw that!"
  • The walkaway at the end.
  • BECKETT: He's like a nine-year-old on a sugar rush. Totally incapable of taking anything seriously.
  • CASTLE: Looks like I have a fan.
    BECKETT: Yeah, a really deranged fan.
    CASTLE: Oh, you don't look deranged to me.
  • CASTLE: Do you ever have any fun? You know, let your hair down, drop your top, Cops Gone Wild?
    BECKETT: You do know I'm wearing a gun?


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  • Castle says he spent his advance for this book divorcing Gina.
  • Alexis is fifteen. At least one of the subjects she's studying is physics. Also possibly French.
  • Castle has a rap sheet for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and stealing a police horse while naked. Beckett notices that 'every time the charges were dropped' so these seem to be three separate events.
  • Martha once played Ado Annie in Oklahoma! at the Palace Theatre.
  • Beckett is a fan of Castle's work and has all his books in hardback. She also puts library bookplates in her books. All of the above she finds terribly embarrassing in front of her men.
  • Lanie Parish is also a fan, but much less embarrassed about it than Beckett.
  • Castle plays golf with Judge Markway, who signs Beckett's warrants.
  • Martha appears to still be friendly with Gina, Castle's ex-wife. She's the one who told Gina that he's not writing.
  • According to Martha, Castle never had a father figure, so her marriages must not have lasted very long.

    • Kyle Cabot is pretty fast on the mark, and has a bit of money to spend. Not only does he also have all of Castle's books in hardback, he even has a copy (multiple copies?) of Storm Fall. That would have to mean he was at the launch party, since the books don't go on sale till 1x04. (Castle gives Beckett an 'advance' copy in 1x01.)
    • When Beckett opens up the copy of A Skull At Springtime the front page is correct, but the copyright page is from a first edition of Storm Fall. Also, two of the books on the shelf are completely different editions of Gathering Storm.

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