1x01 (spec)

Have an idea about some of the stuff that goes on in Flowers For Your Grave? Notice some things that might be significant later? Or just have some fun facts to share? Have at it here...

  • Two of the secondary characters -- Gina Cowell 1x01 (spec) - Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki(Castle's ex-wife) and the un-named third cop under Beckett -- disappear after this ep and are never heard from again.

  • Castle says he spent his advance for Storm Fall divorcing Gina, so given writing and production time for a fairly prolific author, their divorce may have been as recent as last year.

  • None of the information given in Castle's story about why Beckett is a cop has been confirmed, except that something happened to someone she loved. There's no other mention of a prior interest in law, or how much money 'that means money' actually entails. We don't know exactly how old Kate is now, but the original script and Heat Wave both put her at 29 in Season 1. 1x10 puts the murder at ten years ago, so that would have made her about 19 when Johanna Beckett died.

  • Kate's behaviour also suggests that she's familiar with, but not particularly comfortable in, the world of the rich (1x03, 1x07). It's most likely that her family was comfortable enough to afford a nice apartment and the cultural advantages of living in New York, but not affluent enough for private schools or summer homes. 'More socially acceptable options' might be a reference to the kind of job a nice middle-class girl would be expected to follow at 22, or it might be referring to boyfriends and marriage.

  • Martha's marriages don't seem to have lasted very long, and Castle doesn't seem to have identified with any of his 'fathers'. It's not known where the name Castle came from -- since he doesn't know who his biological father is it's probably not his father's name. It's possible Martha married someone when she was pregnant, to 'legitimise' the baby, and that's where Castle gets his surname. It's also possible that he picked it as a pen name for his books, and then decided he liked it better than whatever his original name was, and decided to legally change it. It is revealed later (in 2x02, He's Dead, She's Dead) that Castle changed his name from Richard Alexander Rodgers to Richard Edgar Castle: "Edgar" for Edgar Allan Poe and "Castle" because it's a cooler pen name than "Rogers".

  • When the pilot was first shot, it was shot as a 37 minute pitch idea. Ryan wasn't in it at all, but when the show got picked up, they had to fill out the episode and they brought in Seamus Dever to play Ryan. Since then, he has been called "the New Guy."

  • Originally, Richard Castle was Nick Castle and Ryan's name was McNulty.

  • The moment when Beckett looks surprised because the Captain denied her request to speak to him privately about Castle shadowing her was real. In the original script, Montgomery was supposed to bring her into his office and he was supposed give Beckett a stern talking to. When they were shooting, they ran out of time and the directors/producers told all the actors except for Stana Katic, so when it came time to roll cameras and Ruben Santiago-Hudson said, "No," Stana was genuinely surprised and confused.

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